Friday, 12 August 2011

Work work Work

Here's some updates on the reno! Ripped out carpet in the two bedrooms, although we have tons more carpet to take out. Ripping it out yourself is a great way to save some money on new flooring. I'm putting new carpet in the bedrooms because I love a soft floor in the morning, but I'm putting in whitewashed oak laminate through the living, dining and kitchen. We have also patched and sanded the millions of little holes in the walls and have completed painting the two bedrooms including the closets! Phew!

This is the new colour, not a great interpretation but it is "natural linen" by Benjamin Moore
I'll try to get a better more accurate shot later.

My room is crisp Chantilly lace white (BM) and one wall of Wolf Gray (BM)

I officially hate painting closets.

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  1. I officially hate painting ANYTHING! lol

    I like your color choices - especially the Natural Linen. Looks like you've made lots of progress.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage