Friday, 12 August 2011


So here is the home. Again, it was a rental for over 10 years so there is no love here. I love the bones of this place. There is good flow through the home, tons of closet space and the main bedroom has a nice two-piece right off it which is all I really need right now. The main living space through the living, dining and kitchen has great natural light just beaming through all the windows. I also like that the foyer is a seperate space. It is a major pet peeve of mine when a home opens right into a main space with no buffer or closet at that. So here it is!

 Here is the living room, with fireplace
and pass through to the kitchen. On the right side there is a row
of large windows and sliding glass door to a huge deck.
This here is part of the living room,
dining room and hallway
Front entrance and stairway
Front entrance, stairway and closet

The kitchen. Currently trying to decide between a whole new kitchen or resurfacing the cabinets.

Main bathroom. Sorry for the yellow pictures, there is terrible lighting.

This is my bedroom! Boring right now, but just wait!
Little hallway with closets leading into the two piece bathroom
Little Bathroom!
This is the second bedroom. Going to be an office type space
Lots of closets yay! They're huge inside too!



  1. It DOES have wonderful potential! And it looks way better than I thought it would from reading your first several posts. ;) It will be fun pouring your personality into it.

    I have a linky party you should join each week, as you remodel and have before and after pics. People love that kind of stuff.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  2. Oh, that sounds really intersting. What exactly is it?