Wednesday, 31 August 2011


New countertops have arrived! The old ones were very worn and not really worth saving although I'd have preferred that option. The seams of the old ones were worn and splitting from water and all those fun things. These turned out better than I had hoped for. Originally I had wanted almost completely black countertops with some sparkley bits in it but was talked out of it. This colour while dark incorporates brown into it which lightens it up and makes it a little more neutral. It will also go with the rubbed oil bronze faucet, and cabinet handles I picked out and white sink! I'm so excited to see things starting to change. It felt like so long we had gone through so much work with little to no visual difference. I'm in love with my new kitchen already, and it's not even functional yet!


  1. Your new countertops look gorgeous! Can't wait to see the finished kitchen!

  2. Beautiful countertop! Me too can't wait to see your new kitchen!